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The Toddle Story


The parenting lifestyle is one that comes with a wide range of emotions. The joy when seeing your child reach its first milestone, the glee when you hear their first words, the snicker when they try a mischievous tactic. At the same time, family life also comes with the requirement of a lot of hard work.

It's a lifetime commitment that involves the bizarre wakeup timings, mind-boggling school work, baby vs. work dilemma, trying to learn the art of keeping your child occupied for more than 10 minutes, and..... the list goes on.

As a working mother, it was a challenge to provide adequate time towards my child's learning and playtime. I wanted a combination of education and activities with ease of convenience where everything was thought off, planned, and prepared. All I had to do was execute the activities and engage in some precious bonding time with my toddler.

 That was when I came up with Toddle. A brand that's conceptualized to aid busy parents by providing them with every thoroughly thought of activity, quality materials, and instructions to ensure effortless implementation ensuring our parents enjoy quality bonding time with their little ones. 

We have come to an era where technology has taken the education industry to great heights. But I believe, going a tad bit old school, with hands-on activities gives young minds a platform to build on their development superpowers-Communication and Language, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Numeracy, Listening and Gratitude, Logic, Reflection, Fine Motor Skills, Observation, and Gross Motor Skills.

We believe these are the superpowers that will create the best kind of SUPERHEROES.

Toddle time aims to create tomorrow's superheroes. With the support of experienced educators and Curriculum experts, we strive to provide our young minds with the resources to enhance and advance their innate capabilities.

Toddle constitutes of the activities, toys and games your toddler/pre-schooler needs, in order to build a foundation essential for development and comfortable learning in schools, which is why Toddle is founded on the principles of Early Learning guidelines for children aged 6 months to 12 years.

While we do take into consideration the importance of constructive learning, learning for children should be fun and interactive with limited gadget and screen time.

Our Toddle boxes are jam-packed with these creative and innovative hands-on activities that we hope, help you nurture, and teach your child at their pace at the same time, enabling quality bonding time between your toddler and you, within the comfort and love of your home.

We have curated every monthly box with lots of love, backed with research and curated by our lovely superstar educators. TODDLE on…for super easy at-home learning with lots of fun and nurturing.

In addition to our flagship Toddle Boxes, we offer a range of products  from Preschool learning boxes, Conscious Kids Activity boxes, Educational toys, Skill games and a whole range of fun learning resources for kids aged 6 months to 12 years.

 My fellow supermoms and dads, I wish you create many more wonderful memories with your little heroes.

Smitha D'Silva

Founder – Toddle