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Frequently Asked Questions

Toddle is a subscription box  ‘child development programme’ with themed learning boxes delivered to your doorstep.

  • Educator created program, with fun monthly learning boxes for children aged 2-5 years.
  • Supports no-screen activities. 12theme based fun and easy hands-on learning activities each month.
  • Requires no prep or stress. Designed keeping busy parents in mind- just open the box and you are ready to start.
  • Nurtures family bonds while supporting whole child growth (social-emotional and intellectual).
  • We create the programme – Our team of educators create the programme on the principles of early developmental milestones. The programme is curated into age-appropriate monthly themed learning boxes.
  • You subscribe – There is a total of 12 boxes and each box builds on concepts from previous boxes. You can subscribe or choose to buy individual boxes.
  • We deliver to your doorstep – If you subscribe, you will be sent a box once a month for the duration of your subscription plan, that contains a set of learning objectives along with activities that go along with them. Easy activity guide is included for the 12 activities and supplies are included.
  • Learn and enjoy together – Our no prep, no stress, hands-on activities are designed to help you and your child bond and connect while having fun learning at home.

Toddle is created for toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 2-5. The box for ages4-5 can be enjoyed by children up to 6 years of age as well. The programme and monthly boxes are fully equipped with learning at-home learning opportunities in-line with your child’s developmental milestones. So now you can get them school-ready at their pace and comfort of your home.

Each monthly box has its own fun learning theme, it comes packed with;
  • Monthly learning objectives with introduction of the theme and learning objectives from social-emotional, literacy, numeracy, motor skills and cognitive.
  • 12 activities are individually packed and the box has an ‘Activity guide’ with clear and simple instructions
  • Supplies are included so you just unpack and start at your own pace.
  • Book recommendation as per the months theme and our website ‘Book reading video’ section will have links to interactive reading and storytelling by our phonics expert.
Toddle promotes connections between parents and kids. You can do all the fun activities together at home, in line with your child’s developmental needs without spending time on research or preparation as your focus should be to only connect and have fun while learning at home. Because life is a little easier when you TODDLE ON!
Each box has age-appropriate monthly learning themes with different learning objectives based on the early developmental framework. Your child will learn how to communicate, get their bodies moving (motor-skills), how to get their brains thinking, how to use their imagination, self-regulation, early literacy and math skills.

All activities are developed keeping in mind your child’s age, attention span and developmental needs. These are engaging and fun activities that can take anywhere from 10-20 mins. Each activity will be different and each child will be at a different starting point. Child should be supervised during all activities, but they can do many activities with you nearby once they get a hang of how they work. Younger kids will need more support.

A lot of the activities are designed for repeat learn and play time, so feel free to repeat activities as children learn best from repetition.

The box will include everything you will need to complete the different activities and crafts, minus a few basic supplies that you may already have laying around your home. These basic materials include glue, scissors and tape, water, plastic boxes, utensils.
The activities are based on different themes every month; however, you can do the activities any time. Most children don’t follow calendars well anyway!

The box costs AED 219if you pay month-to-month or as low as AED 169a month if you pay annually. Free shipping within the UAE.

For international shipments, the shipping fees will be displayed when you check-out.

Our boxes do not auto-renew currently and you have full control on whether or not to continue your subscription. We will continue to ship all boxes once payment for a particular plan is made.

We do not refund once the payment is made and will continue to ship all the boxes once the payment for a particular subscription box is made.

All materials are of high-quality and contents of the boxes are quality checked before dispatch. We do not refund once the order is placed, however in case of any damage item prior to use, please write to us at and we will try our best to help you out.

Toddle Box has been created and designed by educators. It is a structured annual programme covering developmental milestones in line with early learning guidelines.

The objectives taught in the box are similar to concepts that are taught in nursery or kindergarten but have also been adapted for easy learning at home and optimised to have fun! The Toddle Box has tons of fun educational activities that are designed to engage and excite your child about learning.

It is designed to help you connect with your child while facilitating learning at home through easy to follow activities saving you time, effort and making learning fun.

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